Refund Policy

Due to limited seating in our classrooms, 
Georgia Driver's Education, Inc. has a no refund policy.  

Payments are Final!

  • Be sure you desire to enroll your child in one of our courses before you make a payment. 

  • We cannot move students from one class to another without the minimum charge for the course.  

  • We reserve the right to postpone a scheduled driver's education class. 

  • In the event a class is postponed, students will have the option to complete a driver's education course at any one of our other locations, prior to their class being re-scheduled.  

  • We will not refund tuition for postponed classes.
(Note:  Behind-the-Wheel training will be completed after the classroom portion of the course.) 

Registration Rules

  • I understand Georgia Driver's Education, Inc. has a "No Refund" policy.  
  • I will not hold Georgia Driver's Education, or its employees, liable for any injuries that occur to my child during classroom or behind-the-wheel training.
  • I will not hold Georgia Driver's Education, Inc. liable for my child's safety if I allow him/her to walk to a local restaurant for lunch or to a local store.  
  • I understand the classroom is closed during lunch and I am responsible for providing lunch for my child.  
  • I understand behind-the-wheel training is scheduled based on available dates.  
  • I understand behind-the-wheel training will be scheduled once the classroom course has been completed.  
  • I understand there is a $50.00 missed appointment fee for behind-the-wheel training. 
  • I understand it is my responsibility as a parent to ensure my child is scheduled for behind-the-wheel training. 
  • I understand I will have to schedule a meeting place with the instructor for behind-the-wheel training.
  • I understand behind-the-wheel training will be terminated with no refund if the parent fails to schedule training dates 90 days after the completion of the "classroom course." 
  • I agree Georgia Driver's Education, Inc. has the right to postpone classes based on the needs of the school and instructors, and there are no refunds.  
  • I understand, if I fail to bring my child to a scheduled classroom course, my child will be terminated from the course without a refund of my tuition.  
  • I understand my child needs to bring paper and a writing utensil to class.
  • I understand Georgia Driver's Education, Inc. does not accept personal checks for tuition payment.
  • I understand my child is not allowed to use a cellular phone or text during training.
(Parents agree to the above Registration Rules when registering for the course)   
Classroom Full-Driver's Education Course
registration & tuition payment
(30 hours of classroom training & 6 hours behind-the-wheel training) 

Click icon below to register for the full driver's education course!  

Click on this icon to register for the classroom only course: 

See registration rules & the No Refund policy below:
Classroom Training  
(Brunswick Christian Academy)
4231 Darien Hwy, Brunswick, GA 31525

Beginning November 19, 2019 (Tuesdays)
Entire course is a total of 10 days; ONLY 3 hours per day! 5:00p-8:00p


Required Classroom Materials
1. AAA EBook

The required AAA Ebook can be purchased by clicking on the link below:

2. Pen & Interactive Notebook
Full driver's ed course: