Please, do not force your child to complete the course until they are ready.  Some teens need more training and are not ready to face the hazards on the roadway.  Georgia Driver's Education would like to remind parents to err on the side of caution.  Please, remember your child's safety comes first.  Each year, over 5000 teens die on our highways and more are seriously injured.  

As long as you keep in contact with the school, your investment is safe, even if you spread out your training dates. Georgia Driver's Education cannot complete a student taking the full-course during the two weeks of classroom instruction.  The full-course takes time to complete, but the knowledge gained is worth the wait.

By registering, I agree to abide by the above information.

Choose from the following dates.  Training begins at approximately 5:00pm.  
Parents are required to contact school to confirm training 24 hours in advance & schedule student pickup location.  
Choose from the available dates & times below to register for behind-the-wheel training:   

Complete & submit the form to Georgia Driver's Education, Inc.  

Students will be scheduled once the form is received.  

If dates & times are NOT available, the parent will have to choose from the remaining dates & times.  

There will be a $50.00 service charge for all missed appointments.

Cancellation must be within 48 hours of scheduled training dates & times.  

Behind-the-wheel training is scheduled based on the instructor's availability. 

Instructors reserve the right to reschedule based on unforeseen circumstances. 

Behind-the-wheel training will NOT take place during inclement weather.

Parents are responsible for ensuring behind-the-wheel training is scheduled with an instructor.  

Due to the high number of students on the driving time calendar, Georgia Driver's Education, Inc. is not responsible for contacting parents to schedule behind-the-wheel training.  
    Step 1
Choose from the icons below to register and pay the tuition for the desired behind-the-wheel training hours! After your register & pay the tuition, return to this screen and choose from the training dates listed on the Driving Time registration form located at the bottom of this page. 

Six hours of behind-the-wheel training is required to receive the Georgia Department of Driver Services certificate of completion & the guaranteed insurance discount.

One hour of behind-the-wheel training: Covers the basic skills needed to pass the required road-test to obtain a Georgia driver's license:  $99

Three hours of behind-the-wheel training: Covers intermediate skills needed to pass the required road-test to obtain a Georgia driver's license; includes parallel-parking, backing, expressway driving, and the round-a-bout:  $199


Six hours of behind-the-wheel training: Covers advanced skills needed to pass the required road-test.  Certificate of Completion awarded upon completion of this training.  $299
Behind-the-Wheel Training
Registration, Roster & Driving Time Registration

Behind-the Wheel Registration: Contact the school upon completion of the classroom or online training.